Tapping The Water

A quick guide to drilling water wells:

  • First, we drill through boulders, sand, gravel, clay, hardpan, and silt that filter water through the earth.

  • Once we reach solid bedrock, we drill at least five to 25 feet further to ensure a good casing seal. Casing is the steel pipe that provides structure and protection for the well.

  • Next, the casing is sealed in the bedrock. This is the most important step to protect your well from contamination.

  • Once the casing is set, drilling continues into the bedrock until we reach water in the desired volume.

  • When drilling is complete, we then install a submersible pump system sized for the volume of water desired by the customer.

  • Lastly, the pump, which is submerged deep into the well, is connected to a receiving tank and pressure controller which will be set up in the basement. The pump and controller assembly provides consistent flow and pressure to the home, lawn, or business.

    Getting Started

    When you call, we discuss our experience with water wells in your area and discuss your needs for water, then we set up an appointment to visit your property to select the location of the well.

    Based on your schedule a drilling date is booked. Most well installations are completed in 1-2 days.

    We install only the highest quality submersible pump and filtering systems that will be quiet in operation and reliable in service. We leave you with total confidence in a well system that will pump pure, clean water for years to come.