Water Well Maintenance

Maintenance is essential to ensuring that your privite well drinking water remains safe.

The following tips can be used as a guideline to help ensure your private well is properly maintained:

Don't allow back-siphonage – Use back flow prevention devices on all outside faucets with hose connections to help keep pollutants from back siphoning into the hose.

Visually inspect exposed parts of the well – Make sure there are no cracks or damage to the well casing or well cap, and the well cap fits tightly. Also, ensure the area around the wellhead slopes away from the well, and is free of leaves, grass and other debris.

Conserve and protect your water - Water conservation is becoming an ever-growing necessity throughout the world today, as the availability of drinking water constantly diminishes through things such as drought, contamination and an increase in population. Conserving and protecting this limited resource is essential in ensuring an adequate supply of water for all your needs as well as for future generations. For tips on how to conserve water at home, visit the American Water Works Association's web site.

Test, test, test! – Remember, private water well owners themselves have the primary responsibility to test well water for potential contaminants.

Drink Safe: State of Rhode Island, Dept. of Health; Well Testing information is here.

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